Thursday, January 22, 2009

Thiraikatha- A story off the "thirai"

There was lot about this movie as it was termed as one of the "off - beat" type of movies. Also to add to it, the movie starred Prithviraj, my favourite actor.
It was the day of diwali, i was all alone in my apartment in Chennai as my housemates have left to their native for the celebrations. Too much of time to kill..
I remember seeing in the dailies that "Thiraikatha" was released in Chennai.. But was apprehensive if the new releases would have replaced this movie.. Anyways this time i was completely relying on the yellow page websites.. Well they said it was "Sangam Cinemas" where the movie was scheduled.. The sub- urban train was moving at a snail's pace for me and i was cursing my ownself for not starting a little early for the evening show.. No time to spare, i just got into an autorickshaw from the Chetpet station..
Alas !! Disappointment.. there was no Thiraikatha but some diwali releases... Atlast it was only on this sunday i got to see this movie after i got the original VCD from Music World..
Thiraikatha - As the name suggests, the movie is about the celluloid world. Not that, it completely revolves around the tinsel town, but on the life of an actress from her bloom to the gloom days.

Akbar @ Akki (Prithviraj) is a young director who is keenly working on the script for his second movie. For Akki movie-making is not a profession but a passion. He runs a restaurant along with his crew despite his successful debut. He narrows down to the life of an actress of yester years, Malavika(PriyaMani) for the storyline of his next venture.

As he explores more about the life of Malavika, the movie unfolds to the happenings of the recent past. As a reluctant actress Malavika debuts as the lead lady alongside Ajaychandran(Anoop) as the bad guy in her first movie. Despite her mother's disapproval the actress falls for the struggling actor Ajay. The movie turns out to be a success and so does the career bloom of the actress. With more films opportunities pouring in Tamil and Malayalam the actress is quite a star among the masses, but for Ajay is yet to get his bigger break as a hero.

Thanks to a common friend between the two, they get to act together in a movie in lead roles and end up in a secret marriage. But the marriage is short lived following difference of opinions and they soon part ways. Ajay's career takes an upturn and he grows to become a super-star who reigns on his popularity even in his 50's. Ironically, on the other hand Malavika's fades and due course of time she is totally forgotten.

Akki's inquisitives leads him to the ailing actress who is totally withdrawn from the gaiety and the glamour. This makes a transition to compassion and he persuades her to come with him for betterment. He also refrains from his decision of making a movie on her life. The actress who quite envisions her last days wishes to see her long lost love and the aftermath marks the climax of this touching movie.
Though based on a true story, the director has to be lauded for the impressive screen play. In fact he has given enough room for showcasing some excellent acting from lead characters.

In terms of acting it is Priyamani who omnipotently steals the show. Be it the glamour girl malavika or the ailing actress she excels in both. Next in line would be Prithviraj and Anoop. Well the rest of the characters like Samvrutha, etc complete the package of the decent movie.
Unlike most of the movies which throws light on the darker side of the actors, this one seems to have potrayed the emotional turmoil esp. that of the actressess in their fading end of careers.
The songs are good but the background score could have warranted more attention. Also the second half seems to drag a bit but the climax does the expiations for the little of shortcomings. A decent entertainer, infact the typical malayalam which vouches mainly on a solid stroyline.
Thiraikatha - The thiraikatha(screenplay) in deed shines bright in the thirai.

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