Thursday, January 8, 2009

Movie Review - Vellthirai

I am fan of Actor Prithviraj and that was the main reason i was to this movie on the very second day of release... Infact i was there in the same multiplex during the premiere but unfortunately missed out both the movie and my favourite actor..

Review The glitz and glamour could have camouflaged the gray areas of the tinsel town, but this movie happens to explore those areas and puts the spot light on them in the form of a story. It 's a movie about movies which tells the implications of the whims and fancies of Actors who rule the celluloid and often take the upper hand on their very own creators.

There is a famous saying "Too many cooks spoil the broth" and this adage quite holds good when it comes to anticipations too. Afterall audiences would anticipate more from the superhit crew of "Mozhi". Find out for urself in the theatre...Saravanan(Prithviraj) is an aspiring director who is working on his dream script for his first break. A struggling junior artist Kanniah(Prakashraj) who happens to find resort his place steals his script to become the superstar Dileep Kanth.. In the mean time Prithvi marries his lady-love, the reluctant actress Mythili(Gopika). While the new born "dileep kanth"makes it big in the industry, the hard working Saravanan is more into hardships. The crest fallen Saravanan is left alone by his lady-love just for his own sake. It is at this point of time the producer (Sarath Babu) comes in for his revival. The headstrong superstar troubles enough the director and the crew. Atlast how the crew completes the movie is the rest of the story.. Hope the storyline is quite similar to the original "Udayananu Tharam"..

The laughter quotient is quite carried well by Charley, M.S.Basker and the rest of the actors but the movie seem to be a serious one. In terms of acting Prakash raj is splendid and so his protege Prithviraj. The actors expressive eyes has done patch ups for the little shortcomings caused by his tamil accent. As for Gopika and Laxmi Roy have done their parts well..

On the flop side the movie lacks momentum.. The movie could have been in a better pace like the climax. Also next in line would be art direction. The struggling asst director cum taxi driver seems to live in a posh flat. The screen play could have been better to have an impact on the good story base.There are no duets for the lead pair except for a sorrowful sonnet.

Afterall VELLITHIRAI(The Silver Screen) could have shined even more brighter...

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