Friday, January 9, 2009

Movie Reviews - Santhosh Subramaniam

Review: The brother duo team of "jeyam" is back again as usual with a remake and had played safe to render a family entertainer this summer. As my friends told that the original telugu version "Bommillaru" was more impressive, I didn't get the drive to watch this movie. I read that the movie was about 'Father-Son' relationship and the intricacies caused by an over-caring Dad's love towards his son.

But it was my dad who made me watch this movie :)... Actually he had booked my return ticket on a State Transport AC bus but I had asked him to book my tickets for the ordinary deluxe bus which leaves 2 hours later than this one. Not always I gave my consent for my father's decision and deferred on this one too as didn't want to miss my extra 2 hours of stay at home this weekend. OMG.. They screened 3 movies in this bus that too movies which were hardly a month old.

K.. It's enough of beating round the bush.. SS's story line is about a son who craves for an independence from his father's over-powering love. Subramaniam, a millionaire pleasures in handpicking all choices on his son’s behalf. On the otherside his son craves for a love and career of his own choice. Santhosh (Jeyam Ravi) is deeply crestfallen when his dad betroths him to a girl ironic to his likings. But things change a lot for Santhosh when he meets the cute Hasini(Genelia), a girl still a child at heart. It 's love at first sight and don't try to explore any solid reasons :). When his dad finds about his lady-love Santhosh is ready to fight back his father. The girl is invited to Santhosh's home with a notion to win his dad's approval.

Did the girl won the approval ?? Did the dad realize his son's desires ?? Well watch out the rest on screen to find the answers.

The person who single handedly steals the limelight would be Genelia. Thanks to her innocent looks, the lass has indeed rendered her best in the role of Hasini. Next in line would be Prakash Raj and may be 'jeyam' Ravi cos' he 's the one who comes most often on-screen. The actor though had matured a little in his looks, there 's still a lot of scope for improvement in terms of performance and voice. Kowsalya, Cricketer Sadagopan Ramesh, M.S.Basker, Shayaji Shindey, Geetha, etc.. etc.. since this long list of actors merely make a screen presence and are quite used as fillups.

Though there's a separate hero’s friend's crew( an usual add-on in movies) to contribute for the comedy part, it is Genelia and her innocence which stirs more laughter.

The music is good, but still the deliberate unsolicited duets are again a pitfall.

So to sum up, a light-hearted movie this holiday season. Of course u would surely find it enjoyable.

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