Friday, June 18, 2010

Raavanan- Movie Review

TGIF – Thank God It’s Friday..:).. I was waiting for those updates at office, which never came even after lunch. I had already planned to leave early to catch my train to hometown. Hmm.. a little thought .. How about trying to watch “Raavanan” ?? My TL confirmed those updates are yet to come J.. whoopee !!!!... I did a windows + L and switched off my monitor (Go green folks!!) and left for the theatre. I hired an auto and was just in time to the tambaram “Vidya” theatre’s matinee at 2:45 p.m.. Did i say the balcony ticket which i bought here was even more costlier than some posh multiplexes in the city ?? It’s a highly anticipated ManiRathnam movie andso i didn’t mind that J

Now to the review.. well wait !! before the review there’s something else to be discussed.. guess what ?? the lead actors and the story ...

The Story– Need no introduction to the Ramayan which has been an inspiration for many other stories. But what’s different is this one ?? well.. this allegorical Ramayana leaves you with questions like, “Is the righteous always right ? Does the wrong has the right to express their part of right ?? .. err.. sorry about that .. but I would say there’s nothing much as a story in this movie but it’s an experimentation which leaves the viewers with quite a few questions.

Aishwariya Rai – OMG !! such an elegance !! an expressive pair of eyes which does acquire a characteristic of it’s own to carry forward her character “Ragini" which is the epicentre and infact the most empathised one between two males of opposite poles. She was splendid !!

Vikram – hmm .. what am I to say about this actor who is beyond excellence.. He plays the protagonist “Veera” and does his job to perfection hands down.

Prithviraj – he plays the role of the cop “Dev”. Fortunately he’s the only one gets to wear some fancy costumes whilst the others are soaked in muddy waters or ‘mutani’ matti . Prithvi plays his role quite adequately and stands equal to the other stalwarts.

Hmm.. well.. well.. the review ?? Unfortunately, the above lists were the positives of the movie. The main negative or the sad part is that the movie rides on a very known and thin storyline. You wouldn’t even regret if you missed the first half of the movie as it has nothing to render. Infact, it’s the breath taking visuals and awesome cinematography which forms the first half. Not to forget Mrs. Aish Bachan who carries the first half. The actual story unfolds only in the second half.

The flashback brings “PriyaMani” and quite a story which had been long awaited by the audience. A host of other actors like Prabhu, Munna, Ranjitha and Vyapuri join the “Veera” gang, while Karthik plays the forester who helps Prithviraj. It was quite baffling to me as why Mani sir opted for desperate measures like (making karthik do a monkey act or the police officer asking priyamani if he cud cut her nose) to define the characters ?? I guess almost all of us know the Ramayan and could have identified the character mapping even without such deliberate additions.

Despite these shortcomings, it was the climax which impressed me and the numerous questions which it lead within me while i walked out of the theatre. Go for the movie for it’s iconographic cinematography of typical ‘Manirathnam’ movie. The breathtaking visuals and songs are definitely the positives which could make you forget that the movie lacked substance. The awesome camera the miss world mesmerise you .. err..t he ex- miss world J

Go with zero anticipations.. You wouldn’t regret.. Time to catch my train.. Have a nice weekend folks !!