Monday, October 24, 2016

Meera - My alter ego !! In search of eternal love !!!

Me & Meera

An ode to a poetess; comparing my current fascination;
Baktha Meera – a mystic lover with eternal passion.

All the while we both know our respective lovers are beyond reach,
But our heart yearns for celestial heights only our minds beseech.

Undue diligence could best describe our fervent zeal,
Keen is Meera’s passion which evidently her songs reveal

As a tantamount to her songs, my write-up is too with undertone
Rhetoric words are just a fa├žade to my deep rooted feelings for my loved one

Undying spirit and perseverance fuel this pursuit which translates as my text
Peak is my happiness when the intended person senses that underlying context

Pity thy Meera !!  We both live and love, though anticipating an assured failure.
If the physicals are for mortals; our feelings are immortal with eternity assure

Again we both pursue our passion despite the multiple times we face accusation

Happiness would be it’s pinnacle on one fine day when we get our respective lover’s attention!!

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

To a special friend .....

To my smiley friend....
Been a long time since I wrote a blog
All this while many issues had made me slog
But came this person as a God sent solace;
Utmost was the pleasure when we did embrace.

Keeping my feelings for myself, yet they overshoot at many instance.
Around I go, looking out for every opportunistic circumstance;
Replenishes me with boundless joy, this person’s mere thought even at my hard time
Unsure of the inappropriateness, I am deep in thought. Tring !! it’s  a Chime !!
Picking my phone every other time with an expectation,
Primarily to check if there is a new message notification
Immense is the happiness when I really find one – Sigh!!
All I could say “Let the time and this person decide”, with my mind aweigh
However I confront this, my obsession now is nothing short of sky high!!!