Wednesday, December 30, 2009

RITU - A change...

After watching ShyamaPrasad's 'Akale' i was with high anticipations.. hmmm .. more appropriately at the height of anticipations for this movie.. Though i wasn't disappointed much, the movie was tad below his past films. The previous of his films were filmi adaptations of novels, but this one was a straight original screenplay. Though the movie was released earlier i had a chance to see it only this christmas.. In addition, it was on a private television network which had innumerable commercial breaks adding to the burden of comprehension of the non-malayali viewer like me ;)


Ritu- comes with the tagline 'Seasons change. Do we ?'.. Well.. the movie is about a lot of changes in attitude, friendship, love.. each of which of the above changes as the story unfolds . The director has chosen the IT industry as the backdrop for his movie and the story primarily revolves around the childhood friends Sarath(Nishan), Varsha(Rima Kallingal) and Sunny (Asif Ali).

Sarath, Varsha and Sunny grew up to be bosom friends in the same neighbourhood and dream of a future life together. After graduation Sarat leaves for the US to live and work while the other two take up a job at Bangalore. It's been three years after, the trio meets again in their hometown to live their dreams. Sarath, who ardently anticipates this reunion slowly realises that things are not the same as before. The romantic spark he shared with Varsha seems to have eluded and so is his close frienship with Sunny. Both Varsha and Sunny betray Sarath at different points. What impact the changes had on their life forms the climax of the story.

Besides the main storyline, the movie also throws light on Materialism & Communism. The interludes pictured on the IT company boss Zerena Balakrishnan and her husband, the after-booze chat with Sarath's brother Hari, the house keeping guy at the IT SEZ are a few which warrant mentions. The cast of all the lead roles are fresh and the newcomers have done adequate to have them reckoning for their performance.

The music of the movie was good and the cinematography was novel. Another big plus were the dialogues which hit sharp on your wits. "Memories are dangerous beings.. ", "Betrayal is the code of life".. and a lot more hard hitting phrases. But the 'slower than slowest' pace of the movie played the perfect spoilsport. At times the delibrate procrastination makes you yawn.Though pragma being an excuse, the portrayal of IT people as flirts and boozers seems to be stereotyped.

In short, definitely a good movie exempting the sluggishness in the screenplay. Do watch it..!!Afterall 'coming-of-age' movies like these should be welcomed with warmth.