Friday, January 9, 2009

How Opal Mehta got into a painting ??

When i was in my final year @ college, this was the latest buzz news about an Indian origin Havard Sophomore, Kaviya Viswanathan.. On the first week i happen to read a full page interview with the girl about her debut Novel "How Opal mehta got kissed, got wild and got a life".. in the next week she was termed a "Plagiarist"..with her contract with some movie production company being annulled.. More pages found to be similar to various other novels.. and the book was pulled off shelves..

Enough were these reasons to increase my inquisitiveness to read this but unfortunately i could n't manage a copy of it .. Well I was out of college got myself a job in chennai.. In my agenda Weekends are meant for long shopping schedules.. i don't mind even shopping in the subway pavements, a posh mall with all major brands or the over/ever crowded Ranganathan Street or the little market area in Tambaram.. In one such shopping visits i found a copy of this book in a road side shop with the following cover pic..

Though the prime reason for choosing this book to read was the controversy surrounding the book, i liked the plot the novel. But this cover pic was different from the ones which made rounds in the internet as shown below

I had a team mate who was leaving our company to join a firm in her home town. I decided to gift the person something different. Infact she often reminded me the cover pic of the book and so i decided to gift her the same as my memento.

Well i have done some alternations in the painting as well :).. Well that's the story of How opal Mehta got into a painting :)

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