Thursday, January 21, 2010

Two of a Kind..But different

The two paintings which i did at a different time came together ironically now .. Hmm.. perhaps they share something in common for this union.. Two of a kind.. But different.. Well, both the paintings share the common theme of 'Reflection'. One being the change of reflection and the other being a reflection of a persona.

Reflections change

Woman & Vanity

The first painting was named 'Reflections change'. I chose this title as, many a times in my life I had to laugh when I intend to cry. The reflection was a camouflage in this case. Of course, this 'false-face' helps a lot in many instances. Hope many of you would agree with me on this :). The second one which I titled 'Woman & Vanity' is much of flaunting of an image which is true to the reflection of the persona. The former being a neutral figure I chose a woman for the latter. Afterall, vanity is predominantly a woman's forte but camouflaged reflections are not bound to any gender. Of course a woman's vanity is not only confined to her 'flauting showiness' but also to her love, compassion and many more virtues.. Hope that justified the title for the post ;)