Thursday, January 8, 2009

Farewell Mails

Friends should be few and good.. I always made few friends but lost most of them within a short span.. Find below some of my farewell mails

Simple could be this note of farewell
At times it might not even tell;
In the enigmatic way your presence dwell
Neither of us could forget you,
In our minds you will be fresh as morning dew

Many a times people may vanish;
Only memories are the ones that cherish
Not you been quite long,
In this project we all belong
Come hither everyone to wish her
All smiles and happiness forever !!!
I wrote this note for my junior..
Time to say Good Bye
This farewell is yet another standby
Your sweet memories still
Never fail to fill
This void of yours
Ever perennial in ours
Here we all, full of zest
Wish u all the very best !!!

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