Thursday, January 8, 2009

Movie Review - Anjathey

I wrote this review long back but only now i have started blogging and there by i 'm collating all of my old stuff :)

ANJATHEY- I read a lot of good reviews for this movie and so decided to watch it. I went all alone for this movie and I was late as usual :). He... hee.. punctuality is a virtue which i always lag ;)
There was lot of discussion about this movie and I remember someone comparing it with Martin Sorcese’s “Departed”. So this had enough reasons to increase my inquisitiveness to watch it.


This movie is another contribution to “Friends turning Foes” genre but the screenplay is fresh and a bold attempt. Thankfully there is no glorification of hero or love sentiments which makes the movie distinguished from the rest.

It is a tale of two friends in a neighborhood who take ironic career paths as a fateful SI interview force them a destiny as not anticipated by the either. Sathya(Naren) is nothing more than a loitering youth who boozes often and ends up in a duel. His friend Kripa(Ajmal) diligently aspires a career as a Sub Inspector. But it is Naren who cracks the interview by illegal means and Ajmal loosing the same. This happens to be the reason for the culmination of hatred in Ajmal towards
his friend Naren. It is at this point that Dhaya (Prassanna) takes advantage of Ajmal and deceives him to be a part of an underground crime team.

While the unjust and negligence witnessed by him in his work moulds Naren as a sincere policeman, on the otherside frustration and jealousy attribute to Ajmal’s transition to an anti-social element. With both the friends on opposite sides the rest of the movie is about saving young girls from falling a prey into the hands of lustful kidnapper team of Prassana and Logu(pandiarajan).

The director, Myshkin has to be lauded for his apt character selection. Naren has rendered a matured performance in the role of Sathya. It’s Prassanna, the soft look hero who had transformed himself as a hideous Paedophile villain warrants attention in the movie. As for the debutante Ajmal, the athletic build 6 footer also excels in acting. The Chennai 28 girl Vijayalakshmi(Uthira) fits in the bill perfectly as the troubled sister of Ajmal and lover of Naren. The actor in the role of an ever complaining friend “kuruvi” steals the show and moves ur heart in the climax.

All the veterans have contributed to the movie’s success with their performances even though they share a few onscreen moments. There are a lot of scenes which evoked applauds from
audience in the theatre. The flower vendor scene ought be an inevitable mention. The director seems to have impeccably weaved these interludes.

On the flop side, the movie moves at a much slower pace. The climax was elongated to the maximum until the viewers almost forget a few of the characters involved in the final chase sequence. Also the transition of Ajmal lacks more sensibility.

With only two songs and a just a jingle to replace the duet for the lead pair, the music was good. The ‘Gana’ type of songs are already topping countdowns.

The sepia tone for cinematography adds advantage to the gray shades of the characters dealt in the movie.

The team could have concentrated more on the few of the flopsides.

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