Thursday, December 15, 2011

My Night Shift

My Night Shift

Whilst others were busy packing by the end of the day,
I was entering my workplace with sleepy eyes at bay
In a few hours from now, I was going to be alone;
The usual chores and calls had the monotonous tone.
Touchwood! The day seems to be pleasant;
No critical mails to make me repent.
The vacant seats were growing in numbers,
My cubicle by now, was devoid of members.
Even the slightest sound of typing a word,
Seems impossible to be left unheard;
Quite frequently, I was glancing at the time,
Dinner time was the most anticipated chime
With frugal choices in the cafeteria, I settled for a light supper
Wondering how Mom’s cooking was always better

Back again to my workplace
Oh that time !! moving at a snail’s pace
Things were quite in order, nothing much to bother
Having finished my work, no waiting further
The moment I was out from the cozy underground parking
Came the chill December winds almost striking
A traffic free road was indeed a pleasure driving
Caught my attention were a few sighting
Nightshift watchmen all wrapped up
Fast asleep not bothering to get up
Street dogs staring at me as I speed my bike
Late night travelers still waiting for their buses with dislike
Atlast I’ve reached my apartment and unlocked the main door
Every nerve of mine craving for sleep.. there I go.. snoor ! snoorr!!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Deivathirumagal Movie Review

It has no bounds,

It is blind,

It is not biased,

And it’s all about caring and sharing.

That’s LOVE..

The universal feeling everyone surrenders to. Comes in here is a story of parental love and care with a little twist. This is a father whose mental maturity is tantamount to that of his five year old daughter. His struggle to raise her all by his hand and the custodian battle over the kid forms the crux of the story. That’s Deivathirumagal – a movie that sans gravity defying fights, scantily clad heroines/item numbers or the usual super hero or romance. This makes it a complete family movie with it’s heart at the right place.

Now to the review. Krishna (Vikram) works in a chocolate factory in a small village near Ooty and suffers from mental development disability. His little daughter Nila (Sara) and his supportive group of developmental disability friends are his life. The chocolate factory owner and the neighbor woman help Krishna to raise Nila in their own capacities after the death of his wife post child birth. Over the years Krishna learns to take better care of his daughter and is in all love for her. Nila comes of age to join school. This is where the school’s new correspondent Shweta (Amala Paul) develops a special bonding for her. On learning that Nila is her own niece, she along with her influential father takes away Nila from Krishna abandoning him in Chennai. After a series of events Krishna ends up in the court premises in search of a lawyer to find his daughter. Though initially apprehensive about his mental ability, later sympathetic on hearing about Krishna ’s past, Anuradha (Anouskha Shetty), a novice lawyer agrees to help him. She and her associate Vinod (Santhanam) takes up Krishna ’s case against a powerful and unreceptive lawyer Bashyam(Nassar). Did Krishna win the custody of his daughter ? Did Shewata and her father realize Krishna ’s unbounded love for Nila ? – watch the movie for those answers. The climax definitely deserves a special mention.

Though the base story is that of “ I am Sam”, the alternations help suit the Indian flavour. Vikram, the actor par excellence once again proves his versatility. Equally and infact prodigious in performance is the little girl “Sara”. As an understanding daughter she is splendid and so natural and spontaneous. Anouskha is shown at better light and not the usual glam-doll type. Her performance is adequate and so is Amala Paul. Santhanam and M.S Baskar add to the comic part and excel in certain serious emotions as well. Nassar is at his best as always. The scenes involving the father-daughter duo move your heart.

The first half of the movie is shot in some scenic locales in Ooty and is visually alluring. The second half is much of a courtroom drama and moves at a slightly better pace than the first half. G.V. Prakash’s music is pleasant and “Vizhigalil Oru ..” is a breezy melody quite beautifully cinematographed in a slow time-sliced fashion. (My fav. Song of the movie J ).

As for the demerits, the slower pace but that’s quite inevitable in such a movie. May be a few actions of Vikram resembles that of a spastic child and not like that of a development disabled

adult. The song between Vikram and Anouskha seems a frivolous add-on.

Despite a few flaws, Kudos to the director Vijay, for having delivered a complete family movie with etched emotions.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Ko - A racy kho- kho..

A monosyllable title- "Ko". May be a cautious step to prevent some naming issues ?? :).. Or an effort to revive the forgotten tamil word "Ko".. I guess it's the latter (some tamil enthusiasts reading ???? ). "Ko" means a king in Tamil. If that was the intention, the director has pulled off a protagonist and made him indeed the King with his screenplay making sure he gets the limelight throughout the story. That's "KO" - an entertaining racy thriller action romance movie .. was that too much of adjectives added ? Of course yes.. the movie has all ingredients to allure all types of viewers.. Hmm.. of course do mind the "omnipotent and super intellectual" hero which Tamil cinema could never be void off :)

Ok.. to the review.. Ashwin (Jeeva) is a photo journalist whose camera never fails to shoot the perfect picture out of anything. He has an acumen of completing his assignments with panache (obviously the hero type). Romancing him are two girls namely Renu(Karthika) and Saro (Pia Bajpai) who happen to be journalists in the same tamil daily "Thina Angal" as the hero. No time wasted in any love triangles. Instead a racy story unfolds with the hero and his journo crew closely following political scenario just in time before elections. The ruling party leader Yogi(Prakash Raj) and the opposition leader(Kotta Srinivasa Rao) both have a row with Ashwin for exposing them. Comes in a youngster Politician Vasanthan (Ajmal) who is anxious to bring in a change in the system. With a strong backup from Ashwin's 'Thina Angal', Vasanthan's "Siragugal" party wins the election eventually making him the CM who's sinister means are later identified by Ashwin in the climax. (oh save that part for watching the rest on screen).

It's an out and out "Hero" movie and Jeeva has rendered an excellent performance. He has pulled off the role with elan and proves himself to be a versatile actor with every movie. Next in line would be Ajmal, the handsome lad have landed in a plum role in this one and could count on. As for Karthika, Oh madam.. plz show some variety in emotions. She's much like a puppet and quite artificial. Pia's cameo is adequate. The director has to be lauded for his starcast, since all the actors look apt to the age they play which gives the movie a touch of vivacity. The interludes with current political undertones are very subtle and add to the humor. (The Namitha style election campaign is one such.. machans :) )

The director K.V. Anand, a cinematographer himself has rendered a very colourful pallette on screen. The distinction of colours are evident and enhance the aesthetic rendition. The songs are a visually appealing with Nathan's camera and the Harris Jeyaraj's numbers are already topping the countdowns. The racy screenplay keeps you engrossed and definitely deserve mentions. Some unwanted duets, unpleasant jokes involving a little boy & Pia and the tad impossible heroic acts add to the demerits.

Go for the movie !! It's a complete package for this summer !!

jet ... set .. go.. errr.. KO :)

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Show me the meaning of feeling lonely

It's been over a year since i moved all alone to a house of my own. More than knowing about the meaning of feeling lonely I've better experienced it. Though it was a little bitter at first, the solitary peace which my solitude offered me was indeed an experience. hmm... so much like the lyrics of my favourite number.. Feel it as you read.. The meaning of feeling lonely..

Show me the meaning of being lonely
So many words for the broken heart
It's hard to see in a crimson love
So hard to breathe
Walk with me, and maybe
Nights of light so soon become
Wild and free I could feel the sun
Your every wish will be done
They tell me

Show me the meaning of being lonely
Is this the feeling I need to walk with
Tell me why I can't be there where you are
There's something missing in my heart

Life goes on as it never ends
Eyes of stone observe the trends
They never say forever gaze upon me
Guilty roads to an endless love (endless love)
There's no control
Are you with me now?
Your every wish will be done
They tell me

There's nowhere to run
I have no place to go
Surrender my heart, body, and soul
How can it be
You're asking me
To feel the things you never show

You are missing in my heart
Tell me why can't I be there where you are?