Monday, June 29, 2009

NewYork – Movie Review

The News articles and documentaries about the 9/11 had enough to tell about the rise of terrorism. But what was the aftermath? Or how did it impact on the innocent muslims of foreign origin in the US? The movie answers the above but leaves you with a heavy heart in the form of a tale involving three University students.

Sameer(John), Maya(Katrina) and Oman (Neil Nithin) get to meet each other in the Newyork State University and fun is the only word which is omnipresent in their world until the collapse of the twin towers. It’s when their lives eventually collapse. As a victim of the torture in the detention camp Sameer becomes a terrorist. Oman is forced to play an undercover FBI agent spying on his own friend Sameer .

Though Oman is convinced that Sameer could have not become a terrorist, he later discovers the consequences which had made him one. Oman ‘s contemplations between saving his friend, his wife Maya at the same time carrying out his entitled task by the FBI agent Roshan(Irfan Khan) forms the rest of the movie. The climax does leave you with a serious emotion.

The first half of the movie is never short of fun and frolica, but it’s the second half wherein which the movie scores. Thankfully not much time or effort have been spent on the love triangle between lead trio while at the university. With a photogenic star cast added with some excellent cinematography the entire movie was a visual treat.

Katrina as Maya is adorable. Be it the college lass with scarlet red highlights, or the gracefully attractive mother, she is awesome. Whatever clothes she wears, it quite underplays on her flaunting over her flawless figure. Added to her cockney accent she completely outwits you. ( I guess I would give my drooling a halt here ;))

John is beyond those brawns, he ‘s an actor who could be vouched for a powerful performance like this. Neil fits in the bill well as the troubled soul between friendship and duty. The little anecdotes render some humor in the otherwise serious movie. Plaudits to Kabir Khan for bringing out a different facet of the 9/11.

Watch this movie, for it’s an entertainer with etched emotions.