Monday, September 28, 2009

Unnai Pol Oruvan - movie review with lots of 'S'

Hmm.. where i am to start with..?? This movie which i have been at Sathyam with some of the friends is definitely not for the stereotyped. From the intial reviews i read this movie was termed as something for the cerebral sect. Hmm.. i donno if i could count me on that ;)... but this was the resultant of what i saw.. Short, Sharp and Superb...

    Short - The story "A common man's retaliation to the terrorism he witnesses" and movie which are short.
    Sharp - The dialogues and the characters.
    Superb - The dialogues, Mohanlal, Mohanlal-Lakshmi Confrontation, Kamal - hmm.. i like it in that order - just like one of the dialogues in the movie ;)

With two of the Stalwarts of cinema, the movie is definitely a cut above. But not to leave behind the rest of the crew who complete this package to its perfection. Ganesh Venkatram, Bharath and Prem play the tough cops and fit their role to the 'T'. If u think that's too much of machismo.. well there's Lakshmi as the chief secretary and Anuja Iyer as the reporter who have rendered a powerful performance.

Ironically, though the predicament of the terrorists was predictable the way the screenplay rides keeps you spellbound. Mind that u have a sharp ear and sharper vision as the movie demands a lot of both. In terms of acting, be it Mohanlal's temperament or Lakshmi's temperance, or the IIT guy's histrionics, excellence is something which is achieved handsdown. Definitely Mohanlal scores the most in this regard. (ippol nyanum Lallettan-de Fan aayee ;)). You couldn't leave behind even a single character who comes in the frame shot in this 'red one' camera. Of course the 'dappa' photographer of 'Salangai Oli' Chakri Toleti has now been graduated to a much sensible Director.

But despite all these characters, it is the "Dialogues" which steal the limelight. The dialogue writer deserves most of the success of this movie. The dialogues which are aesthetic (esp. the last argument of Kamal) and awesome do make a lot of sense. The humour is deft and relieves you from the otherwise serious movie. Shruthi's music ..well wait.. more appropriately BGM is adequate and OST played before the titles does exemplifies her talent.

Hmm.. well but "Does this 'so-termed' Common-man's take could be understood by all the 'aam admi'..?? Infact i was pestering my friend for the meaning of the hindi words.. I don't think the jargons 'ethical hacking, routing etc.' could be deciphered by the Common Man. Also didn't i fell a little uneasy with the pace of the movie.. Well that leaves me thinking :))))..

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