Sunday, October 25, 2009

Robinhood - Malayalam Movie review

Hmm.. enough was given in the way of dialogues to justify the title and to a certain extent the story of the movie, Robinhood the prince of thieves which was released in here for diwali in Chennai. Though being early to the theatre, after a string of events like exchanging the printout for ticket, a separate bag counter and snail paced guys at counter I was late as usual to the movie hall in the basement (Devi-kala) in the Devi complex.

The very first scene which I got to see was that of news report of the ATM robber in the imaginary bank of the movie. I missed the title cards and the response from the crowd for the new found super star status of Prithviraj.

k.. my belated review.. or more appropriately called write up…

Venkitesh Iyer(Prithviraj) is a tutor in an entrance coaching centre in the day and turns a looter at night targeting a particular Bank’s ATM. The executive director of the bank is unsatisfied with the police investigation and hires a private detective, the flirty Felix(Naren). The bank’s system head Bhavana aids him.(supposedly) ;). What later revealed is the usual flashback to justify the Hero’s act and certain twist in a tale

Though the story quite rides on the hero’s shoulders, Naren makes quite a mark but seems to have been sidelined towards the climax. May be the director felt the same just like the audience he decided to give more prominence to the hero in the second half. Prithviraj is handsome. Thanks to his cynical smile and histrionics he fits with this dual role of tutor and looter aptly. Bhavana, the pretty lass does a pretty job. Unfortunately Samvrutha Sunil and Jayasuriya have got nothing much but mere fillips.

Definitely the ‘posh’ factor of the movie warrants a mention. Be it the luxurious apartment where an ordinary tutor stays to fancy dresses, bikes and cars, it seems the bollywood influence is slowly creeping into Mollywood. Though the so-called scientific crime is tad possible, given the benefit of “something innovative” it could be welcomed. But the usage of graphics in the capture & decode episode was funnier and got some high decibel hooting from the geeky crowd.. and so did the songs which were much of a dampers in the second half which was dragging on its own inherence.

Hmm.. well I observed a lot of tamil too ;).. the junior artists, the morphed photograph in the album from KMY and vazhthukal.. and PR-Samvrutha speaking tamil.. Anyways PR’s pronunciation has improved a lot and seems distinct from the Malayalam accented tamil spoken by others…

To sum up.. you could enjoy this movie if you have some patience and accept those cinematical logic (actually it’s loss of logic) with a pinch of salt..:D..

P.S: The theatre was a complete nightmare.. I had been to Devi paradise before and was expecting something good as their ticket rates were in par with Sathyam cinemas.. but it was horrible.. the seats were bad.. and my corner seat was frequented with mosquitoes just like the one of the scenes in the movie ;).. with no cup holders I had spilled a good amount of pepsi on my lap already lamenting about the slowness of the movie post intermission.

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