Monday, September 28, 2009

Rajeev Menon..

Hmm.. i knew only a little of him until i read the interview on Saturday's "The Hindu".. I had always wondered as why this person who is good looking didn't try his had in acting but decided to remain behind the screens... (May be it's 'mindscreen' just like his company ;))..

There it was mentioned that this talented Cinematographer was offered the role of Arjun in Manirathnam's Roja which he turned down.. The best part of the interview which i liked the most was this excerpt..

There's always a struggle between applause and art, being good in what you are doing and feeling good about what you are doing. The applause gets louder and finally it becomes so loud that you can't hear yourself. Suddenly one day, you'll realise that the audience is gone. Then who is there to listen ? Only one person will always be there to listen. That's yourself. This is the truth about filmmaking. I would like to write that kind of cinema

I was very much impressed by those lines. Infact it's the truth about any work, be it art or film-making ..

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