Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Me and 'Namma' Chennai

My small town breeding left me brooding
About this place which is my current dwelling;
To my regret, my very first job brought me here
Never did I anticipate to have lived 3+ years here;
The 'fear of failure' was the pinnacle of reasons for this demand,
As in my previous two visits I’ve lost contests here which I reprimand
With apprehensions in their superlative I found here, a rented place,
Juggling between shared autos and buses, everyday resembles a race;
I do witness people elder & younger than me joining this chase
Of course, I'm attempting my best to maintain an optimum pace.
Akin to the new set of crowd and the SEZ's cropping on every year;
The city spans it's horizons, increasing 'living costs' which I fear
I share my birthday with this city on August 22;
Often i find myself here in a situation 'catch 22'
When i speak tamil with my native tongue.. Oh that shows off!!
I'm an easy prey for the autowallahs, thereoff..
Numerous are the restaurants and hang outs,
But quite hard to find "Authentic Taste's" whereabouts.
fine.. err.. !! Well this city also has another phase,
Which are it's diversity, history & heritage which adds to its grace;
Now that i have lived and learn a little to live in this capital City,
I could claim it's 'Namma Chennai'. Isn't in it's odd ways pretty ??

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