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Pizza 2 - The Villa - Movie Review

Pizza 2 - The Villa Review
Movies of a particular ‘genre’ is not a quite common scene in tamil cinema. We mostly we end up in a mixed bag of many resulting in a ‘masala’ movie euphemistically called ‘commercial flicks’. Pizza was one ground breaking effort from this. Taking on this franchise, comes in another movie not essentially a sequel but of the same genre.  As usual I was late to this movie as well so better not to comment on how it all started.

Jebin (Ashok Selvan) is a failed business man. Having found his true passion in writing, he tries to find a publisher for his debut novel. With many failed attempts he decides to publish it on his own selling his bequeathed property. That’s in when he is told about a ‘villa’ in puducherry his father (Nazzar) had left behind by the lawyer. But this particular property has an intrigued past disturbing his father to that extent to even destroy it at one point. Having lost his father in coma, he has no clue about this ‘villa’ and sets out to find out on his own with a pretext of selling it to finance his book publishing.

After seeing the antique villa which houses a lot of paintings by his dead father, he decides to write his second novel from there. Impressed by the ‘villa’ his girlfriend, Aarthi (Sanchita) dissuades him from selling it. In the meantime his debut manuscript fetches him a publisher. Ecstatic about it attributing this success to that of the fortunes of the villa, he plays the Grand Victorian piano only to find an old key inside the piano. The variety of the paintings in the villa seems to make sense to him leading him to a forbidden room in the villa for which the key fits in.

 This opens the ‘pandora box’ kind of events in his life. The paintings in the forbidden room seem to influence his life events. This leads him to look out for the past history about the villa. Why is that all previous owners died of insanity ? What influenced their pre-cognition ? What happens to Jebin and his girlfriend ? Did he sell the property ? What do these painting convey ?  - Watch out the movie for those answers. Mind that you have a final twist in the story,  leaving an evident scope for sequel to follow.

If pizza was more of fiction leaving a lot room for fantasy, Pizza2 offers you a lot of facts. The explanations given have been scientifically backed up. But on the other hand you could obviously manipulate the next course of events to a certain extent killing the suspense at times. With very few characters on screen the screenplay is short and crisp. A few actors from Pizza1 have different roles to play in as well. Invariably as in suspense movies, the background score is spooky enough. The cinematography adds to it with minimal lighting.

Though it’s a fresh and fine attempt on the genre, the conventional dresscode for the writer hero (khadi kurti, bespectacled), too much of effort to explain the prospects of the sequel elongating the climax and a few minor flaws could be avoided. Go for it !! It’s worth watching !!

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