Monday, December 2, 2013

Frozen - Movie Review

Frozen Movie Review
As a person who grew up watching fairytales and fantasy movies, I could definitely sense stereotypes could soon be history and modern themes are coming of age. That’s what you would conclude after watching Disney’s “Frozen”. There’s nothing of the typical kind ‘Damsel in distress’ or ‘Prince Charming’. Instead you get to see a whole new perspective of ‘true love’, making it not only a movie for the kids but a wholesome family entertainer.

The King and the Queen of the kingdom of Erindale have two beautiful daughters. The elder Princess Elsa possesses the strange power to freeze anything.  She accidentally freezes her younger sister, Princess Anna while playing. The royal couple sought the help of the trolls (googling out these characters turn out to be supernatural creatures of Scandinavian folklore, variously portrayed as a friendly or mischievous dwarf). The trolls heal Anna also erasing her memory about her sister's powers but warn about Elsa’s mythical powers to her parents as this power could only grow and would show off only when thought about it. Fearing this, the king and queen confine Princess Elsa to the palace and the 2 sisters grow up separately. Years later, the royal couple die in a sea storm and Princess Elsa is chosen to be the next queen.  Princess Anna is extremely happy as she would be seeing her sister after a long time on her coronation.  In her merriment she dances around the kingdom in joy and stumbles upon Prince Hans, twelfth in line to the neighboring kingdom’s throne.

It’s love at first sight and she’s head over heels for him.  Anna and Hans propose their wedding plans but Elsa refuses their marriage. In a heated argument which follows, Elsa’s freezing powers are revealed.  Feeling dejected about her act she leaves the kingdom to the North Mountains. Though dissuaded by others, Princess Anna sets out to search her sister leaving Prince Hans incharge of the kingdom.  On her way, she requests help from Christoff, an ice-trader  who nurses feelings for her but keeps to himself fearing his low working class. The duo together with the snowman, Olaf find Princess Elsa who builds for herself an ice palace and lives there cut off from civilization. Anna fails to persuade Elsa to return to the kingdom and in a fit of rage Elsa accidentally strike Anna’s heart with her freezing charm and it’s learnt from the chief troll, Pappy that Anna could be recovered only by an act of true love.  How is Anna recovered ? What happens to Elsa and Prince Hans? Did Anna find her true love? What happens to the eternal winter in the kingdom left behind by Elsa?  Did Elsa found the way to control her powers ? Did Kristoff expressed his love to the princess? Watch the movie in a theatre for those answers.

I watched the movie in 3D and it was a good experience. The ice palace, the scenes involving the sledging in the snow mountains, the eternal snow in Erindale are a few worthy spectacles. The antics by the snowman Olaf keeps you in entertained. What I personally liked about the movie was the unconventional story line from that of the fairy tales. Added to it the numerous songs/jingles with a vivid animation makes the movie more attractive.

So grab your popcorn and sitback and enjoy “FROZEN” this winter !!

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