Thursday, November 29, 2012

Thupakki Movie Review

What happens to a country style recipe when it’s being prepared in a city restaurant (Oh assume that it’s Chennai), hmm.. somewhere the flavor and taste is lost in translation.. Well the same happens when a Mass hero tries to act in an upwardly mobile story… That’s “Thupakki” – a racy (!!) cat and mouse game between the hero and villain but heavily damped by unnecessary songs and romance.

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Now to the review.. An army person Jagdish(Vijay) comes to Mumbai on his vacation. Very soon he realizes the underlying tension in the city and the sleeper cells causing the same. (Oops !! time again to google out to find the meaning of sleeper cells). Okay.. to save you the labour – Sleeper cells are secret agents not necessarily terrorists who are found amongst common public but execute an attack on instructions from an anonymous leader or terrorist organization. One such attack is traced and nullified by our hero along with his army folks. This kindles the interest of the villain (Vidyut Jamwal) on the hero. The villain comes down to Mumbai to narrow down to the hero. From there on the story is typical hero-villain chase ground. But this base storyline is quite squeezed inside the Mass-Hero’s essentials – viz… intro song, romance sequence, dancing round trees in exotic foreign locales..etc.. Though it’s the usual story, the strategic planning both of the hero and villain and the racy screenplay (albeit the songs) keeps you engrossed.

As for Vijay, he looks sleek and has quite rendered a decent performance. Kajal Agarwal as the hero’s love interest is chic but has nothing to do except to dance her way apart away from the story :).. Vidyut as the villain is the one who could never miss your attention. Extremely suave and well built he fits the character picture perfect. Jayaram, Satyan and few other actors have a little to contribute for their parts. Kudos to Murugadoss(director) to have shown the lives of wounded army men and their contributions despite their physical challenges on a positive light. Infact the movie is being dedicated to our army men (Make sure you stay a little longer to see the title rolls at the end). The cinematography is excellent and never misses out to capture the panoramic frames. Despite all these positives the unnecessary songs play the perfect spoilsport in halting the screenplay every now and then. It’s high time Harris Jeyaraj churns out something good enough :(.

If not for the songs and the frivolous romance the Pistol (Thupakki) could have hit the bulls eye but nevermind it just manages the target ! Go for it !!

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