Monday, October 22, 2012

Pizza Movie Review

There is a season for everything , may be at times with obvious reasons. Cinema is no big exception.. Didn’t that group of “made of/by/for  madurai”  movies emerge as a genre quite recently ? but there’s one genre which is always  time  tested .. guess what ? suspense thriller  !!.. hmmm.. “Pizza” can be fit into this (oh.. always mind the pun !!).

Peter's Movie Review

Given the fact that it’s a suspense,  I’m in no liberty to discuss the complete story... Save the best to watch on screen.. May be in a DTS theatre (as always the sound is scary than the spectacle itself ). Well.. the hero Michael (Vijay Sethupathy) works in a Pitstop Pizza Restaurant and is in a ‘live-in’ in relationship (!!) with his girl friend Anu (Ramya Nambeshan). Anu’s pregnancy forces them for a hasty marriage quite discreetly. On a fateful night an order for Home delivery comes in to be delivered by Micheal.. What happens to Micheal ? What was the mystery behind that delivered address ? Where’s Anu ? --- hmmm..  the ubiquitous answer  for more questions .. watch them on screen.

The thrill of a suspense -  story  is in holding up the ‘crux’ till the climax, and this movie accomplishes that quite eloquently. The climax definitely warrants a mention here. . The  story takes the centre stage and the performances by all the actors are adequate. Vijay as the extremely scared Micheal and the elegant Ramya as Anu are apt. Thrown in a few comic interludes (quite verbally !! ) to keep you entertained . The background score sets the perfect mood to scare you.. As songs would be dampers to this screenplay they have been avoided and there’s one breezy melody for  the lead pair  to romance a little... The cinematographer has to be lauded to have captured the scenes even with minimum lights esp. the ghost haunting ones.

Well .. if you watch it keenly a very few logical flaws do exist but they are not much evident with the gripping screenplay .. So that’s “Pizza” for you served hot and fresh !! Go  grab your bite !!


Rajaram Balasubramaniam said...

Amazing comments. Keep Posting these rocking curved lines.. Kewl dude

Rajaram Balasubramaniam said...

Amazing comments. Keep Posting these rocking curved lines.. Kewl dude

Peter Williams Amalraj said...

Thank you Rajaram Balasubramaniam..