Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The Myth behind her ....

Well this is again my personal experience in the recent days on my way to my workplace..

The Myth behind her ..

From the moment I left my house;
The thought of her let my spirits arouse
“I ought to see her on time today” I would say without coy,
My instinct said “No time to waste, Come on my boy”
I was counting those stops in my route as they were ascending;
In a way they bought me closer to her in an order descending
Alas! Came that beautiful spot where we both usually meet,
Unfortunately she hasn’t turned up yet to let me greet
Just like me, waiting for her arrival was a big group,
I let go my jealousy, as I don’t want to be in the soup
Now that, more men joined that already anxious crowd;
“Come on, I’m waiting for you” I wanted to cry aloud
There she came, close to after a quarter to hour wait;
I wished, I ‘ll let not miss her in the evening entreat
Then came the evening, I was quite early this time now,
“Oh my God”, her absence was on me like a strong blow
Though I found her usual companions already impatient to leave;
“She hasn’t left?” someone said which came to me as a relieve
Again she was late but swift enough to run past from where I stood;
I ran behind her, and managed to board her with a little thud
BTW, She is the M City Entrance Shuttle
And that was my morning and evening juggle.
The myth behind her delay is still a puzzle
I’m no Robert Langdon to crack it impeccable.

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