Wednesday, July 1, 2009

My Daily Trip to M City..

This is about my daily trip to my work place.. It's not that i face these problems daily..but quite often ;)...

The longest day before that previous night,
Left my eyes closed still very tight
Before that alarm gave it’s next cry,
I was out from my bed looking wry
The sooner I got ready, now out of my house
“is this a share auto?” was my usual clause
Running after those buses painted red and white
My next Q was “this bus stops at Mcity right?”
Now came the reply “no it is not”
I waited for the Tambaram shuttle to be out
This one packed full to it’s capacity,
Back I go to find a bus to M city
Having bought my ticket until S.P koil
My shirt was wet by now with sweat like labor on toil
Here comes the stop of the once shuttle hub
Time to wait for the next MTC bus to turn up
This particular session at times is quite short
At times this may be the longest of the lot
Here comes a crowded bus..Come hither , Come hither, Come hither
“OMG.. there goes the shuttle”.. don’t know if there is a next one whether
Time to wait again for the next shuttle in line
By the way.. it’s already half past nine..

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