Monday, August 24, 2009

The Buddha and the colour trouble...

It was long since i tried my hand in paintings. The new set of colours which i had bought by the start of this year was beginning to turn dry, but my hunt for that "so called" picture which i could comprehend to my own intuition was yet to be found :)..

Well that was one of the many reasons, may be my laziness, project hunting, Job hunting ... etc.. could be many of the reasons. After my return from Mysore, where i 've been for SSB interviews at the Indian Air Force Selection Board, i did this painting. During my stay i was on a scheduled tour where in which i did a some shopping. As usual what could be best shopped article other than a souvenir? It was a statuette of Buddha made of Sandalwood from Karnataka :)..

Ok.. now that i got my model i started to paint with this statuette. After the initial sketches, I arrived at the below product.

This was something i tried to give a mosaic effect. To add to the texture i wanted to do some spray painting. This is when the "colour trouble" made it's drastic impact. I messed up with consistency of mixed colours and by the time i started to spray, there were large drops enough to almost spoil the entire figure. Things went even more bad when black was used. I donno what to do :(.. Atlast i did some criss-cross patterns to patch-up the spoiled area and ended up is something close to an artwork but not a complete painting as shown below.

Take a closer look u could find some odd black dots on the Halo rings and somewhere near the neck.. Afterall it's a patch-up work and this was the maximum i could do to cover up the mess. So that was My Buddha and the colour trouble

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