Wednesday, October 12, 2016

To a special friend .....

To my smiley friend....
Been a long time since I wrote a blog
All this while many issues had made me slog
But came this person as a God sent solace;
Utmost was the pleasure when we did embrace.

Keeping my feelings for myself, yet they overshoot at many instance.
Around I go, looking out for every opportunistic circumstance;
Replenishes me with boundless joy, this person’s mere thought even at my hard time
Unsure of the inappropriateness, I am deep in thought. Tring !! it’s  a Chime !!
Picking my phone every other time with an expectation,
Primarily to check if there is a new message notification
Immense is the happiness when I really find one – Sigh!!
All I could say “Let the time and this person decide”, with my mind aweigh
However I confront this, my obsession now is nothing short of sky high!!!


JAY said...

Nice one. Person is so lucky to have you as friend.

Govindaraj Mariappan said...

You have gr8 skills.. please continue blogging Peter..this one is really nice