Thursday, December 15, 2011

My Night Shift

My Night Shift

Whilst others were busy packing by the end of the day,
I was entering my workplace with sleepy eyes at bay
In a few hours from now, I was going to be alone;
The usual chores and calls had the monotonous tone.
Touchwood! The day seems to be pleasant;
No critical mails to make me repent.
The vacant seats were growing in numbers,
My cubicle by now, was devoid of members.
Even the slightest sound of typing a word,
Seems impossible to be left unheard;
Quite frequently, I was glancing at the time,
Dinner time was the most anticipated chime
With frugal choices in the cafeteria, I settled for a light supper
Wondering how Mom’s cooking was always better

Back again to my workplace
Oh that time !! moving at a snail’s pace
Things were quite in order, nothing much to bother
Having finished my work, no waiting further
The moment I was out from the cozy underground parking
Came the chill December winds almost striking
A traffic free road was indeed a pleasure driving
Caught my attention were a few sighting
Nightshift watchmen all wrapped up
Fast asleep not bothering to get up
Street dogs staring at me as I speed my bike
Late night travelers still waiting for their buses with dislike
Atlast I’ve reached my apartment and unlocked the main door
Every nerve of mine craving for sleep.. there I go.. snoor ! snoorr!!


Mridul said...

Good One!!

Peter Williams Amalraj said...

thanks mridul :)

Rajaram Balasubramaniam said...

Lovely Quotes about the nice Shift.. Amazing Pete !