Monday, May 2, 2011

Ko - A racy kho- kho..

A monosyllable title- "Ko". May be a cautious step to prevent some naming issues ?? :).. Or an effort to revive the forgotten tamil word "Ko".. I guess it's the latter (some tamil enthusiasts reading ???? ). "Ko" means a king in Tamil. If that was the intention, the director has pulled off a protagonist and made him indeed the King with his screenplay making sure he gets the limelight throughout the story. That's "KO" - an entertaining racy thriller action romance movie .. was that too much of adjectives added ? Of course yes.. the movie has all ingredients to allure all types of viewers.. Hmm.. of course do mind the "omnipotent and super intellectual" hero which Tamil cinema could never be void off :)

Ok.. to the review.. Ashwin (Jeeva) is a photo journalist whose camera never fails to shoot the perfect picture out of anything. He has an acumen of completing his assignments with panache (obviously the hero type). Romancing him are two girls namely Renu(Karthika) and Saro (Pia Bajpai) who happen to be journalists in the same tamil daily "Thina Angal" as the hero. No time wasted in any love triangles. Instead a racy story unfolds with the hero and his journo crew closely following political scenario just in time before elections. The ruling party leader Yogi(Prakash Raj) and the opposition leader(Kotta Srinivasa Rao) both have a row with Ashwin for exposing them. Comes in a youngster Politician Vasanthan (Ajmal) who is anxious to bring in a change in the system. With a strong backup from Ashwin's 'Thina Angal', Vasanthan's "Siragugal" party wins the election eventually making him the CM who's sinister means are later identified by Ashwin in the climax. (oh save that part for watching the rest on screen).

It's an out and out "Hero" movie and Jeeva has rendered an excellent performance. He has pulled off the role with elan and proves himself to be a versatile actor with every movie. Next in line would be Ajmal, the handsome lad have landed in a plum role in this one and could count on. As for Karthika, Oh madam.. plz show some variety in emotions. She's much like a puppet and quite artificial. Pia's cameo is adequate. The director has to be lauded for his starcast, since all the actors look apt to the age they play which gives the movie a touch of vivacity. The interludes with current political undertones are very subtle and add to the humor. (The Namitha style election campaign is one such.. machans :) )

The director K.V. Anand, a cinematographer himself has rendered a very colourful pallette on screen. The distinction of colours are evident and enhance the aesthetic rendition. The songs are a visually appealing with Nathan's camera and the Harris Jeyaraj's numbers are already topping the countdowns. The racy screenplay keeps you engrossed and definitely deserve mentions. Some unwanted duets, unpleasant jokes involving a little boy & Pia and the tad impossible heroic acts add to the demerits.

Go for the movie !! It's a complete package for this summer !!

jet ... set .. go.. errr.. KO :)

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